Electric vehicle stocks India | lithium battery Stocks

Electric vehicles are an industry that has Given Good returns to investors in 2021. In the electric vehicle stocks, the most famous worldwide company is Tesla, which has given multi-bagger returns to Tesla investors in 2021. In the world, all the nations also focused on the production of their electric vehicles. As investors saw Tesla return in 2021, Indian investors have been interested in electric vehicle stocks. India’s Government has been supporting electric vehicles. Electric vehicle companies in India have focused on increasing electric car production.

In this article, we are talking about Electric vehicle stocks in India 2022 that have good potential to give good returns in 2022. In an Electric vehicle, the most important part is a battery, so we also talk about lithium battery Stocks in this article.


Electric vehicle stocks India


Olectra Greentech ltd

Is it good to invest in Olectra Greentech?

The first company I am talking about is Olectra Greentech ltd. This company generally comes under the Commercial business unit. Olectra Greentech ltd almost 70 % of revenue comes from electric buses. Recently Maharashtra government announced that till 2028 all the bus converted into electric buses. 

It also manufactures composite polymer insulators. So as per future demand for electric vehicle this company also have a good advantage. As you saw the fundamentals of this company are not quite good, and this time company price is overvalued, but if you considered it according to the future potential it may be performed well in upcoming years. 

In the last 03 years, the company reported 20.3% sales growth. You can add this stock to your watch list for further analysis.

Tata Motors India

Tata Motors India is a leading global automobile manufacturer. In the electric vehicles segment, Tata motor is the topper in India. Recently Tata Motors passenger EV sales increases 324% in November 2021.

Recently Tata Motors informed that the company has incorporated a wholly-owned subsidiary, Tata Passenger Electric Mobility Limited, which will involve in EV.

This all information shows that Tata motors will outperform in upcoming years in the electric vehicle segment.

Ashok Leyland ltd

Is Ashok Leyland a good buy for long term?

The third company on our list is Ashok Leyland. Ashok Leyland is in the commercial vehicle manufacturing business. Now the company also focused on producing electric vehicles.

Currently, Ashok Leyland’s shares price trades at 122.45 Rs in the stock market.

Ashok Leyland may be in the upcoming days invest money in the Ashok Leyland electric buses segment. 

Now we are going to talk about lithium battery Stocks in the Indian stock market. For electric vehicles, the main part of the vehicle is the battery. The battery is the heart of the electric vehicle. Let’s see some stock that is related to the lithium battery stocks that have good potential to give good returns in upcoming years. 

Exide industries ltd

Is it good to buy Exide shares?

Exide Industries Ltd.’s business is all about manufacturing storage batteries and allied products in India. Now

Exide industries share price trading at 154.70 Rs in the stock market. Exide industries plan to factories for multi-gigawatt in lithium battery lion cells.

Exide industries ltd is India’s leading automotive lead-acid battery supplier. Nowadays Electric vehicles market is on-demand so the company has been focused on lithium batteries. Exide industries 74% revenue comes from the storage battery segment for which supply to the automotive and marine-related customers. 

The most important is almost Company is almost debt-free and Company has been maintaining a healthy dividend payout of 30 percent.

If in coming days company make big progress on lithium battery then Exide industries share price increase chances are more.

So, you can eye on this stock if you are interested in lithium battery stocks. 

HBL power systems ltd

Is HBL Power share a good buy?

This is the second stock on our list related to the lithium battery. HBL power systems ltd business is all about batteries like Lead-acid batteries, Nickel-cadmium batteries, Specialized defense batteries, and a recent addition is Lithium batteries for medical equipment drones. Indian Government shall focus on giving business to the domestic battery supplier if electric vehicle production increase in India. HBL power system is specialty is to make a battery. So, this company is a good contender for lithium battery stock.  HBL power systems ltd share price trading at 62.6 Rs in the stock market.

What is the future of HBL Power?

The company is almost debt-free. HBL power systems are also in the business of manufacturing solar equipment this is also a plus point of the company according to the future. So, you can also eye on this company. 

Amara Raja Batteries Ltd

Is Amara Raja Batteries good for the long term?

Amara Raja Batteries Ltd leader is one of the largest manufacturers of lead-acid batteries for the industrial and automotive sectors. Amar raja battery share price is trading at 507.5 Rs in the stock market. Recently Company announced that it will invest 10 billion dollars in European vehicle battery group INO Bat to focus on research and development in electric vehicle batteries and the production of lithium in battery cells.

So, it has good advantages to the company in near future. You can add this stock to your watchlist for further analysis. 

Electric vehicles stocks list which is discussed above.

Electric vehicle stocks list in India

  1. Olectra Greentech ltd
  2. Tata Motors India
  3. Ashok Leyland ltd
  4. Exide Industries Ltd
  5. HBL power systems ltd
  6. Amara Raja Batteries Ltd 

This article is strictly for educational purposes and does not provide any advice or tips on investment or recommend buying or selling any stocks.

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