Best Stocks to buy under Rs 1000 for long term Investments

Today’s analysis is all about Best Stocks to buy under 1000 Rs which have good potential to give multi-bagger returns to the investor in long-term investment.

Whenever you invest in stocks for the long term by doing fundamental and technical analysis there are more than 70% of stock gives good returns for long-term investments.

Best stocks to buy under

As per data, more than 15 stocks had made good returns in the last 10 years as shown below.

Rs 1000 to 1 lakh

Rs 1 Lakh to 1 Crore

More than 40+ stocks had made (in the Last 10 Years)

Rs 1000 to Rs 50000

Rs 1 Lakh to 50 Lakh

1500+ Stocks (in the Last 10 Years)

Makes good returns as compared to the fixed deposit returns.

So, the point of telling these stats have, that whenever you invest in good stocks long term there are more possibilities of generating good returns as compared to FD as well as you can also get 10x to 20x returns if you invest in good stocks.

In this article, we are going to analyze 03 stocks by considering the following factors.

1- Price less than or almost near Rs 1000.

2-They have Good fundamental records

3- Their profit increases year on year

and most importantly, they have the possibility to give multi-bagger returns in the future.

KEI Industries Ltd 

Business, Revenue, and Clients of KEI industries.

KEI industry’s full form is Krishna Electrical Industries.

The Main Business of this company is to manufacture the wires and cables. It also provides EPC services for power and transmission.

KEI industries have 05 manufacturing facilities and they have more than 5000+ channel partners,38 branch offices, 21 Warehouses, and 1650 distribution partners.

29% of the revenue of KEI Industries comes from the retail segment.

53% of the revenue comes from the Institutional segment.

This Company provides services for power, Oil refineries, and railway.

Major clients of the company are Infosys and HSBC.

KEI exports its products to 45+ companies and 18% of its revenue comes from the export.

Fundamental Analysis of KEI Industries

KEI market capitalization is almost near 9000 Cr. Currently, companies PE is trading at 26, and the industry PE is 20.7 which means the stock is now slightly overvalued if you compare it to the industry PE.

ROE is 16.6% and Return on Capital Employed is 21.4%. Basically, if the ROE and ROCE are more than 15% it considers good for further analysis.

Promotors have 38% Equity in this Company.

The pros of the company are, that KEI has delivered great profit growth of 34 % CAGR in the last 05 years.

This stock has good fundamentals as well as maintains good profit growth, you can eye this stock for further investing purposes.

Lincoln pharmaceuticals ltd

Business and Revenue of Lincoln pharmaceuticals ltd

This company belongs to the pharma sector. It manufactures and distributes pharmaceutical products.

Lincoln pharmaceuticals ltd has registered their 1700 products and they are also applying for 700+ product Approval.

Lincoln pharmaceuticals ltd exports their products in 60+

countries. This company now focused on export business rather than domestic business.

Lincoln pharmaceuticals ltd has more than 50% of its revenue come from export.

Lincoln pharmaceuticals have 02 manufacturing facilities that make tablets, capsules, dry syrup, etc.

They acquire one plant in Gujrat to increase their production capacity.

This company has good potential to give a return in the future. let’s see stock fundamentals.

Fundamental Analysis of Lincoln pharmaceuticals ltd

Lincoln Pharmaceuticals Ltd is a small-cap company that has nearly 600 Cr market Capitalization. The current Pe of Lincoln Pharmaceuticals Ltd is near 8.53 and the industry pe is 29.8. Now Stock have looks undervalued as compared to the peer pe. Lincoln Pharmaceuticals Ltd just has a debt of 11cr so we can call the company debt-free.

ROCE is 24.6 and ROE is 18.1.

Promotors have 42.1% Equity in the company.

Lincoln Pharmaceuticals Ltd has delivered great profit growth of 21% CAGR in the last three years.

Lincoln Pharmaceuticals Ltd is in the growth phase. In long-term investment, it may be given multi-bagger returns to the investors.

Info Beans Technologies Ltd

Business of Info Beans Technologies Ltd

This company belongs to the Information technology sector. It provides software development services. The specialization of Info Beans Technologies is in web and mobile development.

Fundamental analysis of the Info Beans Technologies Ltd

Key factors are

Info Beans Technologies Ltd is trading at a PE of 29.5 and the industry price to earning is trading at 28.7.

Info Beans Technologies Ltd is Virtually Debt Free. It has 29.2 Cr debt.

Info Beans Technologies Ltd has delivered profit growth of 22% CAGR over the last five years.

Info Beans Technologies Ltd promoters have 74.6% equity in this company.

Info Beans Technologies Ltd has given more than 300% returns to the investors in the last year.

Info Beans Technologies has continuously increased its profit on a YOY basis.

You can add this company to your watchlist to track or analyze later.

Note- The data which is provided above vary with respect to time please check the latest data of fundamental analysis if you are interested in these stocks.

Disclaimer– This information is only for educational purposes, not any investing advice. Do your own analysis before investing in any shares.

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