05 Best multibagger stocks to buy now in India

05 Best multibagger stocks, I have selected from 05 different sectors which have the potential to give a multi-bagger return in upcoming years or in long term. All companies have strong fundamentals, good management, and are almost debt-free. Let’s see the 05 Best multi-bagger stocks to buy now in India for the long term.




Solar industries India ltd

This stock belongs to the Commodity chemical sector. Solar industries India ltd has a monopoly in the bulk explosive segment. It has almost 70% market shares in the bulk explosive segment. Most of the revenue of this company comes from India. From India, 54.4% and the rest of the revenue 45.6 comes from the rest of the world.

Let’s see some key financial parameters

ROCE is 19.8 % and ROE is 18.6 %. The debt-to-equity ratio of this company is 0.53 only. solar industries in India have given 91% return to the shareholders in the last years.

solar industries India ltd share price is trading at Rs 2291 In my point of view, the stock has a great potential to give returns in the future.

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Tata Power

This share belongs to the green energy sector. In this year budget government also focused on renewable energy Now

tata power share price is trading at 226.05  This Stock has a great future ahead. You can accumulate this stock when a decline happens in this stock.

Indian Energy Exchange Ltd

This is the monopoly stock. It provides a trading platform for the physical delivery of electricity. Indian Energy Exchange Ltd has strong fundamentals. Let’s see some pros of the company.

IEX is almost debt-free. IEX has a good return on equity of 3 Years ROE 46.21%

IEX has been maintaining a healthy dividend payout of 32.60%.

This stock is good for the long term.

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KNR Constructions

This Share belongs to the infra sector. Now KNR constructions share price is trading at 251.70 RS in the stock market. You can take fresh entries in the stock in the range of 240-250 Rs. let’s see some key financial parameters of the KNR Constructions. Return of capital employed is almost 22.2 % and ROE is 23.2%. the company has a good operating profit margin of 23.1%.

KNR Constructions has delivered great profit growth of 29% CAGR over the last 05 years.

Relaxo Footwears Ltd

This company is the largest footwear manufacturing company in India. Now Relaxo footwear’s share price is trading at 979 Rs. Relaxo footwear’s share has given 489.47% returned in the last 05 years. this share has strong fundamentals and it is also a market leader in the footwear segment.

Let’s see some fundamental parameters of the company.

Relaxo Footwears Ltd has had a good ROE for the last 3 Years. ROE of Relaxo Footwears for the last 3 years is 19%.

If You See the net profit of Relaxo Footwears ltd, it has increased YOY basis.

In 2019 -175 Cr, 2020-226 Cr, and in 2021-292 Cr.

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