Cointracker io Review 2023 | Is it Legit and Safe?

Did you not have enough time to track your crypto taxes then you have come to the right place, here talking about Cointracker Io review 2023 which is the best crypto tax website and the best portfolio tracker for crypto.

Cointracker Io review
Cointracker Io review 2023

I’ll talk about Cointracker io, which lets you look over your trades and makes it easier to create tax reports in real-time. It generated tax returns and determined the total value of your coins as well as their realized and unrealized gains, profits, and losses.

What is Cointracker io? is the tax software that downloads trader transactions from their respective exchanges automatically. Then it produces succinct, easy-to-read tax records that outline how much is owed.

With CoinTracker, users can easily keep track of their complete track your crypto portfolio across exchanges and wallets, allowing them to examine their market worth, investment performance, transaction history, and tax

implications as they utilize cryptocurrency. For cryptocurrency users, having year-round tax visibility is essential as it often results in thousands of dollars in annual savings.

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Cointracker io Review: Services

For tax purposes, you can view your market value, investment performance, and portfolio allocation in real-time.

Cointracker consolidates your transaction history across all cryptocurrency services and enables search and filtering on it.

Cointracker supports more than 10,000 cryptocurrencies and 300+ exchanges.

With the help of CoinTracker, you can automatically optimize cost basis accounting procedures and tax-loss harvest your portfolio to save thousands of dollars annually.

You can fully comply with cryptocurrency tax regulations with the aid of CoinTracker.

You may quickly download your tax returns and file them with TurboTax or your own accountant.

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Cointracker io Review: Features


You may determine your cost basis and capital profits with CoinTracker. With one of our tax plans, you can save hours of effort, or you can get your transaction history for nothing.


Your local wallets and exchange accounts’ balances, transactions, and ERC20 tokens are synced using CoinTracker. You may be sure that your money is secure because we only have read-only access to your accounts.

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Obtain a clear view of your cryptocurrency holdings, including the portfolio you currently have, your overall return on investment, and more.


Visualize the flow of your bitcoin between exchanges and wallets, and view all of your transactions in one spot.

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Cointracker Pricing plans

Cointracker Pricing
Cointracker Pricing plans

See Full Pricing – Cointracker subscription

Cointracker Turbotax

With the help of CoinTracker’s crypto import, you can now immediately import cryptocurrency transactions into TurboTax, saving time and guaranteeing your taxes are done correctly. The new crypto tax experience makes it quick, simple, and straightforward to report cryptocurrencies.

You can easily auto-import from reputable exchanges like Coinbase Pro, Binance.US, and Gemini thanks to our cooperation with CoinTracker. 

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CoinTracker connects all of your wallets and exchanges to gather your full portfolio and effortlessly integrates with TurboTax to complete filing if you transferred cryptocurrency between exchanges or purchased NFTs and need to determine your cryptocurrency tax due.

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Cointracker io FAQ

is Cointracker safe?

To protect the application from any attacks, Cointracker uses SSL certification and a number of other encryption levels. Users of this application are also denied access to the exchange. 

Best CoinTracker Alternatives?

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2. Fyn
3. Accointing
4. ZenLedger
5. Ledgible

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