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If you’re unsure whether to buy C3.ai stock, then you’ve come to the correct spot since I’ll be discussing the C3.ai stock forecast for this artificial intelligence company. All the potential features of C3.ai stock have to be discussed here, so let’s get started with the topic of the C3.ai stock forecast for 2023, and 2025. What obstacles the firm is currently facing and how the company will expand in the future?

C3.ai stock forecast
C3.ai stock forecast 2023, 2025

C3.AI About

Enterprise artificial intelligence (AI) software provider C3.ai, Inc. In order to deploy enterprise-scale AI solutions, the company offers software-as-a-service (SaaS) services. The C3 AI Suite and C3 AI apps are two groups of software products offered by C3.ai. The company’s C3 AI Suite is a complete platform-as-a-service that enables users to create, deliver, and manage enterprise AI applications.

Customers of the business can create and run their own enterprise AI applications using the C3 AI Suite. Its C3 AI apps are a portfolio of ready-to-deploy enterprise AI applications that span industries and are industry-specific, produced using the C3 AI Suite. To meet the requirements of a number of vertical market categories, including the oil and gas industry, the company provides turnkey enterprise AI systems. (C3.AI)

C3.AI Stock Price History

C3.AI stock 52 weeks high is 44 USD and 52 weeks low of C3.AI is 10.16 USD

C3.ai’s Problems

In its fiscal 2023, which ends in April of next year, C3.ai only projects a 1% to 7% increase in sales. That would be a significant decrease from its 38% increase in the fiscal year 2022 and its 17% growth in the fiscal year 2021.

The decline is mostly attributed to macroeconomic challenges, according to the corporation. This is due to the fact that it caters to large clients in the macro-sensitive energy and industrial sectors, selling the majority of its AI algorithms as stand-alone services or integrating them into an organization’s current software infrastructure.

in short, Investors were alarmed by slowing growth, problems with client concentration, dubious recovery plans, and persistent losses. now, these are challenges to c3.ai stock.

Read more about C3.ai’s biggest problems.

C3.ai stock forecast 2023

C3.ai stock forecast
C3.ai stock forecast 2023

in 2022 stock market decline added to the year’s significant losses for the major indices.

So many people believe it is a fantastic opportunity to purchase the stock at a low price, but you must investigate why the stocks are falling so precipitously; you must discover the causes, such as issues with their balance sheets, business strategies, or future economic outlooks.

So, by considering fundamental analysis and technical analysis, and analyst prediction towards C3.ai stock forecast 2023 will be between 18 USD to 25 USD.

YearMinimum PriceMax price
C3.ai stock forecast 2023

check the latest price of C3.ai stock

C3.ai stock forecast 2025

C3.ai stock forecast
C3.ai stock forecast 2025

Its cooperation with Alphabet’s Google Cloud, which recently expanded, may help increase sales by combining C3.ai’s AI capabilities with the cloud services offered by the tech giant.

Businesses will still be viable in the future since C3.ai is a technology-based firm. If the company can solve its current issues in the upcoming years, its stock price projection for 2025 of between 40 USD and 55 USD would be realized.

YearMin PriceMax Price
C3.ai stock forecast 2025

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C3.ai stock forecast 2023,2025

C3.ai stock forecast 2023Max Target 25 USD, Min Target 18 USD
C3.ai stock forecast 2025Max Target 55 USD, Min Target 40 USD
C3.ai stock forecast 2023,2025

C3.ai stock forecast FAQ

What is C3.ai’s 52-week high?

C3.AI stock 52 weeks high is $44.

What is C3.ai 52-week Low?

C3.AI stock’s 52-week low is $10.16.

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