Opus Clip AI Review 2024

Capturing and maintaining the audience’s attention is critical in today’s fast-paced world of social media. Opus Clip, the innovative generative AI video tool, is here to change the way you create content. Opus Clip’s powerful AI-driven features enable users to effortlessly transform long-talking videos into attention-grabbing viral short clips, resulting in 10 times faster content creation.

AI Curation for Viral Clips

Opus Clip’s most notable feature is its AI Curation, which is powered by ClipGeniusTM. The AI analyses your video meticulously, identifying the most compelling hooks and juicy highlights from various parts of the content.

Opus Clip ensures you have the perfect formula for creating viral content by seamlessly rearranging these snippets into cohesive short videos.

AI Virality Score

Content creators must understand the potential impact of each short clip. Opus Clip’s AI Virality ScoreTM accomplishes this.

The AI generates a score indicating the virality potential of each snippet based on insights from thousands of viral videos. This score directs your attention to the most promising clips in order to maximize engagement.

AI Co-Pilot for Customization

With its AI Co-Pilot feature, Opus Clip puts you in command. You can now clip parts based on specific timeframes or even search for parts using keywords. This level of customization gives you more control over the final results, ensuring the clips match your vision exactly.

Active Speaker Detection and AI Keyword Highlighter

Opus Clip’s predictive AI employs Active Speaker Detection, which incorporates moving faces with precision. This keeps you and your guests in the center of the video frame, increasing visual appeal.

In addition, the AI Keyword Highlighter examines video captions to determine the most valuable keywords. Opus Clip increases video watch time by 65% by emphasizing these keywords.

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AI Emoji Generator and Auto Resizing

Opus Clip’s AI Emoji Generator automatically places relevant emojis to highlight valuable content, adding a fun and emotional element to your clips. Emojis have been shown to increase views by 42% and make videos more engaging.

Furthermore, Opus Clip automatically resizes videos to the 9:16 ratio, ensuring that the speaker remains in full screen for an engaging viewing experience.

Auto Transition and Auto Caption

Opus Clip incorporates auto visual and audio transitions, making jump-cuts smoother and improving the overall flow of the short videos, with a focus on seamless storytelling. Furthermore, the AI-powered auto caption feature ensures 97%+ accuracy, increasing watch time by 45%.

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Multi-Language Support and Customized Brand Kit

With support for multiple languages, including German, French, Portuguese, and Spanish, Opus Clip caters to a global audience, with more languages on the way. Localized content allows creators to reach a larger audience.

Opus Clip also provides a customized brand kit, allowing users to easily create on-brand and visually appealing short videos.

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Trendy Templates and AI Re-layout

Opus Clip’s trendy templates never sacrifice video quality. These templates allow creators to quickly and easily create professional-quality videos.

The AI re-layout feature keeps speakers in the center of the screen, resulting in a clean and aesthetically pleasing composition.

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How Opus Clip Works

Opus Clip analyses your video content in the context of current social and marketing trends from major platforms using big data. This data-driven approach enables AI to make informed content repurposing decisions.

It takes the most captivating moments from your long videos and seamlessly arranges them into viral-worthy shorts, then enhances the clips with dynamic captions, AI re-layout, and smooth transitions. The end result is an eye-catching video with a compelling call to action.

Suitable Videos for Opus Clip

Opus Clip excels at talking video curation, relying on spoken words for AI curation. Opus Clip’s capabilities are ideal for video podcasts, educational content, commentary videos, product reviews, and motivational speeches.

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Opus Clip Pricing and Accessibility

Opus Clip is currently offering a free trial with 120 minutes of video uploads and up to 30 downloadable clips for a limited time.

Following the trial period, users can choose from paid subscription plans that include flexible upload credits and are available on a monthly and yearly basis, providing versatility for all creators.

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Opus Clip stands as a game-changer in the world of video content creation, empowering users to effortlessly transform long videos into viral shorts. With its array of AI-driven features, including AI Curation, Virali

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