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Hello, Friends welcome back to my Blog investing with Harshal Patil. Today I have to tell you about the best trading Books that every stock trader has to read Books it helpful to get clear your basics about trading.

These books are my personal favorite trading Books. I am learned to trade from these Books. So let’s go and see the best trading Books.


Always remember Discipline is one of the most important things to make money in the stock market.

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Before going forward I wanted to say No one can make you the best trader or profitable trader until you have not learned from your past trading mistakes. The best way to succeed in a trading carrier is to learn from past mistakes.

I have learned to trade from the mistake I have done in my past. So in this technology world a lot of resources available to learn trading like YouTube, Google, etc., But the best way to learn to trade is books because in books the people who wrote a book has written their experience in books like what do they do mistake in past, Their experience is also in the book, Which mistakes you to have to avoid during trading. All the points mentioned in the books have helped to make you a profitable trader.

You also know that the great Chanakya said that learning from your mistakes takes a lot of time to upgrade your self but if you learn from other people’s mistakes it saves your time and gives. you have a lot of options to avoid that mistake which has already been done by people. All experiences are written in books.

05 Best Stock Trading Books

01-Trading In The Zone

This books completely focus on your trading mindset. All the people mostly talk about fundamental analysis, and technical analysis but no one talks about trading psychology. If you want to become a profitable trader please go through these books because it helps you how to control your emotions during trading. 

This book helps you manage your Greed and fear. When a New trader comes into the stock market people gives suggestion to learn about price action, indicator, and many more but no one talk about mindset. In trading, if you don’t have the ability to control your emotions then your chances of losing money are more. You should read this book to learn how to manage emotions during trading in the stock market.

02-New Traders Rich Trader

This is also a Good trading Book. In this book, Writer tells about the comparison between new traders and rich traders. New trader means who has a beginner in the trading carrier. A rich trader means He has good experience in the stock market as a trader. 

This book is quite interesting. This book has easy to understand and all comparisons between experienced traders and New traders explain in simple language.


03- Market Wizards.

The book is about wizards of the Stock Market.

This book is one of my favorite books of mine. This book is quite a famous trading Book. It consists of Top traders’ experience in Stock Market trading. Top traders experience how they had succeeded, how they managed losses,

and how they become rich traders. How do they change their profession or decide to become a full-time trader. All the things that happened with pro traders are written in this book.

This book guides you on why a trading mindset is most important in trading with the help of rich trader experience.

So must read this book. All the books whose had discussed above are almost about How to develop trading psychology.

So before developing the trading mindset you need to learn basic technical analysis like how to read patterns, you have to have good knowledge of different types of patterns, breakout, and all about price action.

The next book is all related to price action.

04- Getting started in Technical analysis.

This book helps you a lot to learn trading from basic. This book consists of the basics of trading like support, resistance, trend lines, indicator, and many more. This book is perfectly suited for beginner and intermediate traders. 

The last one is 

05- Breakout trading.

This book teaches you how to identify the breakout.

If you are a trader then you have to know how to guess the genuine and false Breakout?

where you should take an entry or exit?

Money management rules

that all parameters I mentioned above are in this book.

Happy trading.

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