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Wipro Share Price Target

Are you thinking about what will be the Wipro Share Price Target 2025,2030?  Then you are in the right place. In this post, we are going to analyze the Wipro share price target on the basis of its fundamental analysis and future growth perspective so you have got some idea about the Wipro share analysis.

Wipro Share Revenue

  • Let’s see the revenue of the Wipro share sector-wise.
  • 31% revenue of the Wipro share comes from the Banking, financial services, and insurance sectors.
  • 16% revenue of the Wipro share comes from the consumer sector.
  • 14% of the revenue of the Wipro share comes from the healthcare sector.
  • 13% of the revenue of the Wipro share comes from Energy, Natural Resources.
  • 13% of the revenue of the Wipro share comes from Information technology.
  • 8% of the revenue of Wipro share comes from manufacturing and 5% from the communication sectors.

Wipro Share Global revenue

  • 60% of revenue comes from the USA.
  • 26% of revenue comes from Europe.
  • 14% of revenue comes from Asia and other countries

Fundamental analysis of the Wipro Share.

When analyzing stocks, it is critical to examine a company’s financial records from the previous five years. This allows you to better understand the company’s financial profile and make more informed decisions. Consider yourself an explorer in the stock market. You can learn a lot about the company by studying its records.

Balance sheets and income statements are like ancient scrolls containing vital information. You can use these figures to see how the company has grown and how different factors have affected it. Understanding the company’s story and determining whether it’s a good investment is similar to solving a puzzle.

Wipro revenue for the last 5 Years

in 2018 Wipro’s share revenue was 54487 CR.

in 2019 Wipro’s share revenue was 59019 CR.

in 2020 Wipro’s share revenue was 61138 CR.

in 2021 Wipro’s share revenue was 61935 CR.

in 2022 Wipro’s share revenue was 79312 CR.

you can see that every year Wipro’s revenue is increasing.

Wipro Share Holding pattern

  • September 2023
  • Promotors have 72.93% of the holding.
  • FII and DIIS have 6.47% and 8.03%
  • The public has 12.43 and others have 0.14%

Wipro Financial Parameters

Wipro has maintained good ROE as well as ROCE.
The last three-year ROE is 18%.
If the ROE and ROCE are more than 15% we can consider the investing purpose.

currently, Wipro stock pe is trading at 18.3 and OPM is at 19. It means the stock looks in the buying range.

Check – Wipro share price

Wipro Share Price Target 2023

Wipro, the well-known Indian IT behemoth, has been making waves in the global market, cementing its position as one of the industry’s top players. Wipro is the fourth largest Indian company providing global IT services, trailing only TCS, Infosys, and HCL Technologies.

Wipro’s business has been severely impacted by the pandemic’s whirlwind of rapidly evolving technologies. The company’s revenue has increased as a result of increased demand for its services in the post-pandemic world. Wipro, like a ship navigating stormy waters, has faced challenges as a result of the global economic slowdown. Despite these temporary setbacks, there is a bright ray of hope on the horizon.

Numerous experts and analysts have observed the global economy’s ebbs and flows, predicting a steady improvement in the days ahead. These findings are a ray of hope for Wipro and its stakeholders.

It is not wishful thinking, but a firm belief based on data-driven analysis that promises a bright future for Wipro’s business.

As the global economy gains traction, Wipro’s share price sets an ambitious target of Rs. 450. This bullish forecast indicates a promising opportunity for investors to profit handsomely.

And just when you thought the excitement was over, another landmark appeared on the horizon. With the first goal accomplished, the share price could very well rise towards the coveted Rs. 500 mark, leaving investors elated and satisfied.

So, Wipro’s Share Price target in 2023 will be between 420 to 460 INR.

Wipro Share Price Target 2023420 INR to 460 INR

Wipro Share Price Target 2025

Wipro, one of the world’s leading IT service providers, is rapidly expanding its customer base. Wipro’s revenue is skyrocketing, with over 1100+ active global customers and a growing number every year. The company’s success can be attributed to its innovative technology and effective management strategies, which have assisted in the development of long-term relationships with clients in a variety of industries.

Wipro has managed to stay ahead of the curve in today’s fast-paced world, where businesses are constantly racing to attract new customers. Because of the company’s ability to adapt to changing market trends and deliver cutting-edge solutions, it has become a preferred choice for clients seeking dependable IT services.

Investors can expect good returns on their investment as Wipro continues to add new customers to its portfolio. According to market analysts, Wipro’s share price target for 2025 could reach Rs. 600, with the first target set at Rs. 650. This is fantastic news for investors looking for a company with a proven track record of success.

To summarise, Wipro’s growth trajectory appears to be on the right track. The company is well-positioned for long-term success thanks to a strong emphasis on innovation and customer satisfaction. Wipro’s commitment to excellence makes it a name to watch in the coming years, whether you’re an investor or a potential client.

So, Wipro’s Share Price target in 2025 will be between 600 to 650 INR.

Wipro Share Price Target 2025600 INR to 650 INR

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Wipro Share Price Target 2030

Wipro is a market leader in India’s technology industry. Its dedication to innovation and customer service has earned it a reputation as one of the best businesses in the country. Experts predict that its share price will reach Rs 1200 per share by 2030, which would be a significant achievement. Wipro IT, with its impressive growth and development, is poised to dominate the Indian and global technology industries.

So, Wipro’s Share Price target in 2030 will be between 1200 to 1300 INR.

Wipro Share Price Target 20301200 INR to 1300 INR

Note- The data which is provided above vary with respect to time please check the latest data of fundamental analysis if you are interested in these stocks.

Wipro share market

Wipro’s IPO took place in 1946. Wipro’s equity shares are traded on the Bombay Stock Exchange, where they are part of the BSE SENSEX index, and on the National Stock Exchange of India, where they are part of the S&P CNX.

What is the Wipro market cap?

Wipro’s market Capitalization on 24 Nov 2023 date is ₹ 2,20,702 Cr.

CEO of the Wipro?

Wipro Limited is an MNC that specializes in IT consulting, and business process outsourcing. Since July 2020, Thierry Delaporte has been the CEO and MD of Wipro.

Wipro Share Price NSE

Check the latest current Market Price of the Wipro share price Nse

Wipro’s share price in 1980

Wipro’s share price in 1980 was 100 Rs. You have come to question in your mind?, how Wipro had given multi-bagger returns to investors. So must see here Wipro bonus history

Wipro Share Price Target 2023,2025,2030?

Year TargetsWipro Share Price Targets
2023420 to 460 INR
2025600- 650 INR
20301200 -1300 INR
Wipro Share Price Target 2022,2023,2025?

Wipro Share Price History

JahrWipro Share Price HighWipro Share Price Low
2022726.70 INR375.90 INR
2021739.80 INR384.85 INR
2020390.40 INR159.60 INR
2019301.55 INR232.35 INR
2018258 INR190.13 INR
2017386.25 INR167.09 INR
2016343.46 INR153.75 INR
Wipro Share Price History

Wipro Share Price History Source- Money Control

Wipro Share price target FAQ

Is Wipro good for the long term?

Wipro is a multi-bagger stock that has given great returns to investors. The sales figure of the company, in 2018 Wipro’s share revenue was 54487 CR, in 2019 -59019 CR, 2020- 61138 CR,2021- 61935 CR, and in 2022 79312 CR. You can see that every year Wipro’s revenue is increasing. So, in my view, Wipro is good for the long term.

Is Wipro fundamentally strong?

Wipro has maintained good ROE as well as ROCE.
The last three-year ROE is 18%. The last three-year ROCE is 24.98%

What is the Target Price for Wipro?

in 2023 – 420 to 460 INR.
in 2025 – 600 to 650 INR.
in 2025 – 1200 to 1300 INR.

Disclaimer- Dieser Artikel ist nur für pädagogische Zwecke gemacht, wir empfehlen diesen Artikel nicht als Berater Tipps. immer den Rat von Ihrem Finanzberater Investitionen. 

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