How to get cheaper car insurance ?

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1. Use Price Comparison Sites to Compare Different Policy.

2. Pay Your Car insurance annually.

Do this instead of monthly to avoid paying any extra charged and interest.

3. Don't Auto Renew

your current insure might not offer the best deal so don't let them tempt you into sticking around.

4. Play Around Your Excess

You might get cheaper premiums with a higher excess. but , you need to consider this carefully too high an excess and it might not be worthwhile making a claim.

5. Drive a cheaper to insure car.

Before you buy , check how much the insurance is likely to be using a comparison site.

6. Prove You are a Safe Driver.

Take the pass plus test or complete other driving courses.

7. Buy Multi Car insurance

Some insurers will offer discounted rates for insuring more than one vehicle on a single policy.

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