How Do I Successfully Pick Stocks ?

Select Stock Like Warren Buffet

1. By knowing fundamental of Stock

In fundamental analysis, you have to understand essential parameters.. Like Understand the business model of the company, its profit loss, CAGR Returns, ROE, ROCE, Debt ETC parameters.

2. Analyzing stocks by technical analysis.

In technical analysis price action plays the most vital role in-stock selection. You have to check whether a stock is technically bullish or bearish for investment.

3. Check High and Low Price of stocks.

If you select any stock always check their 52-week high or low most of the time its matters a lot.

4. Track Company Management History

Whenever you search for a stock for long-term investment purposes then you need to check the company's management background.

5. Volatility Risk

You should always plan your risk and reward ratio while investing in any stocks.

6. Investment time Horizon

Whenever you search stock for investment purposes then you have to decide how long you want to invest, it may be short-term or long-term. Then you can decide to pick a stock.

7. Upcoming event of that Company

This is an important parameter in selecting any stock. you should check that when the company announced its quarterly results or any news related to companies helps a lot during stock selection.

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