Top Artificial intelligence stocks in India I Best Ai stocks

Do you know?  In the future, almost in 8 to 10 years, all appliances will be connected with artificial intelligence, cloud computing, big data, and machine learning. If we are investing in such types of companies who are working on Artificial Intelligence (AI), and machine learning, they will give multi-bagger returns to the investors in upcoming years.


Best Ai stocks
Best Ai Stocks

In this article, we are going to talk about the Top Artificial intelligence stocks in India or Best Ai stocks. Which have the potential to give multi-bagger returns in the upcoming year.

When you listen to the words about Artificial intelligence stocks in India, then in your mind come such companies as happiest mind, TATA Elxsi, AFFLE India, Birla soft, L&T infotech, TCS, Infosys, etc. These companies are almost working on Different businesses. Apart From, TATA Elxsi, AFFLE India, Happiest Mind are working on Artificial intelligence. But in this article, we are not going to talk about these companies. We are talking about such AI stocks Maybe you do not listen about these AI stocks.

These best Ai stocks we selected on the below basis

  • Return on Equity (ROE) and ROCE is more than 12%.
  • All Companies in Profitable Growth path.
  • positive free cash flow and Debt-free.

CYIENT ltd |CYIENT share price target

Is it good to invest in Cyient?

CYIENTshare price is trading at 836.85 Rs in the Indian stock market. If you see its price-to-earnings ratio it is almost 18 and the industry price to earning is 29.1. It looks like undervalued now. Cyient Ltd’s share has given good returns to the investor last year almost 106%.  In January 2021 stock was trading at 489 Rs. An all-time high for this company is 1292 Rs. which means now stock look in buying range. 
Always remember never to buy stocks in bulk quantity. Always buy any stock in SIP mode when a stock corrects from a high level and according to your analysis, you think this stock has the ability to give returns in the future then you can take entry in the stock when it corrects from a high price level.

What is the future of Cyient?

CYIENT share business is all about smart automation, intelligent Supply chain next-generation connected workforce. As you see the company is working on most of the work is related to artificial intelligence big data, and cloud computing so in the future, it looks like good scope to get a return in the future. 
If you see the ROE is 17.2 and ROCE  20.4 and it also pays dividends. The one thing is the company has less promotor holding which is 23.4. According to my analysis, Cyient share price target will be 1200 Rs at the end of 2022.

Zensar technologies

Zensar technologies share is trading at 292.50 Rs in the stock market. If you see its PE ratio it is almost 18 and the industry price to earning is 29.1.

Zensar technologies share is basically works on application development Maintenance and provides Support also, it also does the Modernization, and Testing services and also work on Digital customer experience and marketing.

Zensar technologies share has given multi-bagger returns to the investor in the last 5 years. Zensar technologies share was trading at 68 Rs in march 2020.

Is Zensar a good buy?

Zensar technologies share current ROE is 14.9% and ROCE is 22.2%. Look like it is almost more than 15%. In the stock market if ROE and ROCE are more than 15% it’s a good sign for investment purposes. in short company fundamentals are good and as Zensar technologies share working on AI so future scope also has. You can consider this share for further analysis.

SAKSOFT limited

Is Saksoft a good buy?

SAKSOFT’s share price is currently trading at 750 Rs. This company’s Pe ratio is 13.9 now and the industry pe is 29.1 This company Has given 181% of returns to investors in the last 01 Year. SAKSOFT Limited is almost a debt-free company.


SAKSOFT Limited has delivered good profit growth of a 20% Compound Annual Growth Rate over the last 05 years.
Companies ROE is 19.5 % and ROCE is 23.8 %. If you see the company’s last three-year profit almost increases YOY basis.

Last Three years Net Profit.

March 2019- 36 Cr
March 2020- 38 Cr
March 2021-45 Cr
This Company is working on Artificial Intelligence and machine learning. So, you can take entry in this stock on SIP strategy, don’t invest money in bulk, currently our market is overvalued so when the market corrects then effects on this stock also do. you can Add this stock also to your list for further analysis.

COFORGE Limited.

COFORGE share price is trading at ₹ 3800 RS in the stock market of India. COFORGE is an IT services-based company that provides end-to-end software solutions and services.
COFORGE shares have been maintaining a healthy dividend Pay-out of 20.31%.  COFORGE shares have given a 115% return in the last years to the investors. COFORGE maintains a good ROCE of 25.7% and ROE of 19.3%.  COFORGE has good fundamentals and future scope business. 
This Stock has created a good wealth of investors in previous years. Now this stock is trading at a good level if you invest in this stock for the long term means more than 8+ years then this stock has the ability to give multi-bagger returns in the future.

Note- The data which is provided above vary with respect to time please check the latest data of fundamental analysis if you are interested in these stocks.

Disclaimer- This article is made for educational purposes only, we don’t recommend this article as advisor tips. always take advice from your financial advisor investing. 
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