TSLA stock prediction

TESLA competitive Pros and Cons  in Coming Future

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Tesla’s competitive Advantages (Future)

1.  Production Flexibility

Tesla has dealt with chip shortages,  Tesla to produce items considerably more efficiently than competitors.

2. Starlink project Elon Musk

Starlink will gain speed in 2023 when it improves over 2,000 satellites. Musk stated on Twitter that the Starlink IPO could benefit TSLA shareholders.

3. EV China Market 

China is an important market for Tesla and electric vehicles in general. According to projections, China will account for 40% of Tesla's 2022 deliveries.

Tesla’s competitive Disadvantages (Future)

1. Regulations, costs, and fines:   Due to China’s plans being rejected by the US, there may be many penalties, taxes, and possibly further scrutiny into Tesla’s development plans.

3. Effect of Economy and interests rates. Fear of increasing high-interest rates causes investors will book profit in growth stocks. It affects the Stocks.