It took me 7 years to learn this but I will teach you in 3 minutes

1. Uncertainty is Inevitable:  Despite our best efforts, life is unpredictable.

2. Failure is Part of Success Failure is an essential part of success; it is a learning opportunity.

3. Not Everyone Will Like You Accept that not everyone will like you.

4. Time is Limited Time is finite and does not wait for anyone.

5. Comfort Zones Hinder Growth  Growth happens outside comfort zones.

6. You Can't Control Everything Accept the limits of control.

7. Happiness is fleeting: Life is an emotional roller coaster; expecting constant happiness is foolish.

8. Comparisons are Harmful Comparing causes unhappiness.

9.Change is  the only Constant in life

10. No Guarantees in Relationships There are no guarantees in relationships.