How Much Would $10,000 Invested in Apple Stock 20 Years Ago Be Worth in 2023?

Apple’s share price was around $8.50 on April 19, 2003.

At that time, if you had invested $10,000, you could have bought about 1,176 shares of Apple stock 

Apple’s stock price has increased significantly over the years as its products have grown in popularity and its revenue has risen.

When Apple announced a seven-for-one stock split in 2014

it meant that for each share of Apple stock an investor already owned, they would also receive seven additional shares

As a result, after the split, a shareholder who had bought 1,176 shares of Apple stock in 2003 would have received 8,232 shares.

A year from now, on April 19, 2023, Apple’s stock is trading at about $166.47 per share. 

Taking into account the stock split, if you had bought 1,176 shares of Apple stock in 2003 and held onto them for 20 years, your investment would now be worth roughly $1,371,966. From your $10,000