DAY Trading  Psychology

Why 88% of  Trader Lose their money

1. They want luck, not Execution

2. They Are Aggressive , not Patient

Why 88% of  Trader Lose their money

3. They Want Perfection Not Consistency

4. They Are diffident, not confident

Difference  between Amateur traders and professional traders.

 Amateur traders 

1. Change trading System 2. Look For perfection 3. Trade with fear 4. Risk too much

Professional traders. 

1. Focus on one trading system 2. Look for consistency  3. Trade With Confidence 4. Take Calculated risk

Remove these things to Conquer  your trading

Remove 1.EGO 2. Fear 3. Greed

Replace with 1.Descipline 2. Consistency 3. Good habits

in Day trading  More Risk = More Fear

Your risk should be calculated exactely on your risk tollerance

Only then you can think clearly and trade in a calm objective state

If you cant' stay calm when price goes against you , you have a confidence problem.

Crypto Currency is not blockchain