BMW iX electric SUV’s new OTA update brings clock widget to centre display

What is OTA in vehicle? 

An over-the-air (OTA) update for a vehicle is a software program development that a vehicle business enterprise sends for your car via wi-fi means.

What is OTA in vehicle? 

OTA updates allow automakers to quickly, conveniently, and automatically issue current and future operating system (O/S) refreshes to a vehicle in much the same way that a smartphone receives an O/S upgrade from its cellular provider.

This new clock withinside the BMW iX electric powered SUV will show the time in writing each 5 mins through the usage of a phrase matrix along with illuminated dots in each corner of the matrix.

This clock could be available withinside the BMW iX in sixteen languages. It will automatically undertake the language that has been set through the person withinside the infotainment system.

Along with the addition of the QlockTwo feature, there are some extra additions including the Lane Keeping Assistant which will be capable of understand if the driver desires to merge return after an overtake and as a result will hold the steering withinside the identical state 

This system can also be capable of altering the speed of the BMW iX at which it modifications lanes as an example if the electrical automobile leaves a lane at a gradual speed, it's going to steer in an extra mild manner. 

BMW also shared updates for the BMW i4 and BMW 8-Series.