Types of stocks | what are the 4 types of stocks

types of stocks

  In the stock market, there are various types of stock, which we discussed here one by one with examples.   Types of stocks in the Stock market: 1. Dividend Stocks 2. Growth Stocks 3. Defensive Stocks 4. Blue-chip Stocks 5. Cyclic Stocks 6. Penny Stocks As per market Capitalization : 1. Small-Cap stocks 2.Mid Cap Stocks. 3. … Read more

05 investment Terms Every Beginner Should know

investment Terms

  Investment terms for beginner, investment terms for stock market beginner, 05 Investment Terms Every Beginner Should Know? here are some things every beginner should know about! 1. Compound Interest : Compounding is the process in which the gain or interest received on your investment gets reinvested to receive more gain or interest. 2. Market Capitalization : Market capitalization is the aggregate … Read more

What is value investing in stock Market ?

  What is a value investing strategy? In value investing, the market is dependent on the good, and the bad news is that it leads to a change in the stock price, which is not consistent with the long-term fundamentals of the business.  That is why a lot of investors would like to choose at the … Read more