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When the Stock market correction happens, Experience or value investors are happy because they know that it is a good opportunity to buy the best stocks that have good fundamentals, business models, and growth-related stock. On the other side people who invest in the short term always panic during stock market correction and they make bad decisions due to fear and loss of their money in the stock market.



Generally, what happens to the retail investor, they invest their all money in one stock in the hope of if a stock will rise 1-2 percent in the next 2-3 days, then I will sell the stock and earn a profit, but stock goes down 4-5 percent then investors think I will hold this stock for the long term now and this way investor trap in these types of stocks.

Always remember no one can predict the stock market, so you have to believe your analysis, find such stocks which have good fundamentals, business model and recent history about the company. In this article, we are going to see the best long-term stocks in India. In this list, two stocks are more than 20% discount from their 52 Week High. So, let’s see the best share to buy today for the long term.

1- Route mobile limited

Route mobile limited business is in the cloud communication provider. Their products such as smart solutions in Messaging, Voice, Email, Analytics & Monetization.

Now route mobile share price is trading at the price of 1381 Rs. Route mobile ltd has given 68% returns in one year for the investors.  
Now Route mobile ltd stock is not in the overbought zone so you can consider stock on your watchlist for investment purposes. 

This stock has Excellent fundamentals and the business is related to the cloud. In the world, all companies have focused on shifting to the cloud so companies have a good scope now and, in the future, also. Let’s see some fundamental parameters.

Route mobile ltd has had a good ROE for the last 3 Years. ROE of Route mobile ltd for the last 3 years is 27.50%.

If You See the net profit of Route mobile ltd, it has increased YOY [year on year].In March 2019- 57 Cr,  March 2020– 58 Cr, and in  March 2021- 133 Cr. Most of the revenue comes from the UK is almost 58.02%.

What is the future of Route Mobile share?

Route mobile ltd if you calculated their Compounded Profit Growth is almost 40% in the last 03 years. Route mobile ltd is working on messaging service so 98.2% of revenue comes from this segment.

According to the analyst route mobile share price target for 2022 is 1500 Rs. If you are searching for the Best long-term stocks in India, then you can eye this best share to buy today for the long term.

2- latent view analytics

Is it good to buy Latent View Analytics shares?

latent view analytics limited business is all about providing analytics-related services such as data and analytics consulting, business analytics, and insights. It also provides digital solutions. latent view analytics is an almost debt-free company.  

Now latent view share price is trading at 394.70 Rs. latent view analytics has been maintaining a Good Return on Equity of 43.54% and return on capital Employed of 44.35% over the last 3 years.

If You See the net profit of latent view analytics ltd, it has increased YOY basis. In March 2019- 60 Cr, March 2020– 73 Cr, and in  March 2021- 91 Cr. Most of the revenue comes from the USA almost 92.90%. latent view analytics ltd has attractive fundamentals parameters. So, you can eye this stock to further study.

3- Avenue Supermart Ltd. | Dmart share price target 2022




Avenue Supermart’s ltd (DMART) share business is all about running an organized retain chain with the help of DMART stores. in last month DMART share has given -9.36% returns. Almost most of the brokerage houses have given negative commentary on DMART share, but if you see the business and fundamentals of this company is excellent. DMART share has almost given 579% of returns in the last 05 years to the investors. Let’s See some fundamental parameters of the company and Dmart share price target 2022.

currently, Dmart share priceis trading at 3,980 Rs. Avenue Supermart Ltd (DMART) has maintained healthy profit growth from the last three quarters. Jun 2021 – 95 Cr, Sep 2021 – 418 Cr, and  Dec 2021 – 553 Cr.

What is the future of DMart share?

Avenue Supermart Ltd is a growth-oriented company that focused on growth so they do not provide dividends. As you see the stock price CAGR of Avenue Supermart Ltd is almost 47% over the three years.

Avenue Supermart Ltd has been maintaining a Good Compounded Sales Growth of 23% and Compounded Profit Growth of 28% over the last 5 years. Avenue Supermart Ltd.’s Promotors has a good 75% shareholding of the company.

Should we buy DMart share?

Currently, people have fear to take fresh entry in Avenue Supermart Ltd because of virus fear, but if you look at the long-term perspective my opinion Dmart share price target in the next 5-10 Years, company has to ability to achieve 20K level.

if you want to take fresh entry in DMART shares then you can buy this stock in steps. According to my analysis Dmart share price target, in 2022 is around the 4400 Rs Level at the end of the year.


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