Dividend stocks | best dividend stocks 2021

Here we discuss the best dividend stocks as per high dividend Yield in the last 5 years.

What is Dividend?

When the company gives some part or portion of the remaining profits to its shareholders after removing all types of taxes and other liabilities from its profits, then it is called a Dividend.

Here are the highest Dividend yield stocks 

01. Coal India 

Dividend Yield Per year:  13.6% [5-year Average ]

Last year, 2020-21, Coal India announced an allocation of Rs 12.5 per stock. The organization announced a budget of Rs 7.5 per stock in Nov 2020 and allocated Rs 5 per share for the month of February 2021, taking a total of Rs 12.5 per share.

The company is the largest coal mining company in the world, also financially and debt-free. It is unlikely that there are at least some threats in the business. Also, as the government faces a severe shortage of revenue, Coal India may be forced to pay a high dividend this financial year.

02. Hindustan Zinc 

Metal sector company which has given good returns by earning as well as dividend. The stock has given more than 80 percent returns in the last year. The company is a large-cap. Talking about the Dividend, the stock gave a total of Rs 37.8 twice in 2020. But in 2021 dividend has not been declared yet. Hope to make a dividend payment in the coming days. The dividend yield is close to 6 percent of the company.

Dividend Yield Per year:  11.9 %  [5-year Average ]

03. Clarintle Chemicals

As one of the leading specialty chemical companies in the world, Clariant contributes to the development of new and sustainable customer solutions from a variety of industries.

For the year ending March 2021, Clariant Chemicals India announced a Div of 2050.00% up to Rs 205 per share.

The company has a good track record of revenue sharing and has consistently announced Div over the past 5 years.
Dividend Yield Per year:  10.9 %  [5-year Average ]

04. Vedanta 

Vedanta Limited is the world’s leading zinc miner and the second-largest miner in the world. With over 50 years of working experience. The fully integrated zinc operations currently hold 78% of the market share in India’s leading zinc industry. We are among the top 10 silver producers in the world with an annual capacity of 21 Moz (600 tons).

Vedanta Limited’s Oil and Gas operations contain Cairn’s goods that supply more than 26% of India’s annual production, as India’s largest crude oil producer.

Vedanta has a good track record of revenue sharing and has consistently announced Dividends over the last  05 years.

Dividend Yield Per year:  9.9 %  [5-year Average ]


NLC India is involved in the lignite mining and energy production business through lignite and Renewable Energy Resources.

Dividend Yield Per year 9.5 %  [5-year Average ]

Should I buy stock for dividends?

Dividends in the stock market are similar to normal earnings in some ways. In this case, every year the company provides a portion of the profits to the shareholders. Because it has a small impact on the growth of the company. As a result, its effect is also reflected in the price of the stock.

That’s why you should not invest in any company by looking at Dividends. Your focus should be on the fundamentals and finances of the company rather than on profits. You have to see how that company performs in terms of the future. So that you can get a good profit in the coming days.

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