How to start investing in stock market.

In this article, we are going to see, how to start investing in the stock market.

First, open a DEMAT account. Get involved in the stock market. You can’t learn to swim by standing out of the water.




It takes a dip in the water. There were also stock markets. Once you open a D-mate account, you will see different stock prices at the beginning. You will see different ratios of shares. 

This will increase your curiosity. For the first few days, observe the market as closely as possible and gather information. 

How can I get stock market knowledge?

In today’s world, there is a huge supply of information in every field. Like you can visit YouTube, social media, newspapers, blogs. Attend seminars. Get regular visits from stock market savvy people. You will be inspired to meet such people.  If he can do it, why can’t I?
But in our country, people are very scoundrels. Never tell anyone four good benefits. They invest in the stock market themselves, but they don’t even know their neighbors and co-workers. If someone asks for information, they answer in the negative. They stop you from entering the market. Such people will also meet you.  There is a solution to this too.
Be shameless and greedy to gain knowledge. Why am I saying that??
It’s never better to lose money by sweating blindly in the market. There is a punishment for every mistake in the market. That punishment means financial loss.
Knowledge is very sacred.  We are begging for knowledge, not money. So put your ego aside. When I started studying, these same people advised me not to get involved. Today the same people come to me and ask me some questions.
While gathering information, once you gain some knowledge of the market, invest very little money in shares of good quality and large companies.
What will happen to this?
What is the purpose behind this?
There is a limit to your knowledge when you are out. But if you get involved with money, your knowledge can grow faster and faster.
for Example- The only thing that matters is that when you pay for the gym, you go to the gym in a hurry.  Also, once you invest money, you have a responsibility.  You will see the share prices of companies without looking at social media. You will read business and economy news on News hunt without reading WhatsApp’s forwarded messages.

How to invest in the Indian stock market with little money?

For example, When you learn to drive, you do not drive at a speed of 120 on top gear. Initially, the speed of your car is 20km / h.  Then slowly we get confidence.  Your fear dies.  Then we learn to change gears manually.  It takes at least 6 months to learn this. The same was true in the be a stock market. Just start investing very little money.  You don’t want to make a profit in the beginning, but you have to survive like a batsman in a Test match in this initial journey.
If you are shocked at the beginning, you will never see the stock market again in your life.
Money can be earned at any time in life, but time and person who have passed away cannot be regained.
So start working today, you can open a DEMAT and trading account in just 20 minutes, and in about 48 hours, your account will be active, so hurry up, because this is the time, so seize this opportunity. 

What are the investing benefits?

You have heard about the warren buffet. He said that “I started investing in the stock market  at the age of Eleven but regrets getting too late”
So the famous investor says something like that, so investing will have some benefits.
Investing benefits are below.
1-Investing in the stock market helps you to keep pace with Inflation.
2-In India Stock market has Gives Historically Good returns in long term. This means Stocks have gone up historically.
3- Investing in stocks diversify your investment portfolio.
4-The most important benefit of stock investing is they are easy to invest in.
It is an easy process in stocks to convert your money into cash by the use of apps which is provided by your brokers.
As investing in stocks has benefits it also has demerits.
So investing in stocks is subject to market risk. So invest your money wisely.
Happy investing…..
Open  To open a DEMAT and trading account go to the link given below
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